The workshop jointly organized by the Ethiopian Government, “The International Federation of Consular Chambers of Africa (FICA) and “United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)” with the theme “THE ROLE OF DIASPORA REMITTANCE ON INVESTMENT IN SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY IN ETHIOPIA” Lifeline of the Developing Nations, take place on 23-24 July 2019 at UNECA Conference Hall.

The objective of the workshop was to promote women entrepreneurship on doing business in Ethiopia and across the world by using digital platform, tapping into the diaspora remittance potential & capacity building. To this end, we are working on an initiative named ‘African by’ – the Major Component and part of this large continental goal is to achieve its dream of Creating One Economy for Africa. The ‘African by’ initiative creates a continental ecosystem and platform that mainly enables the African diaspora to invest in their country of origin; Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) to access a potential market, build their capacities and support them towards growth; the use of remittance towards productive investment as opposed to merely for consumption as well as improving foreign currency inflow to the country improving availability of foreign currency via. Export of products and services.


JULY Workshop:
The role of Diaspora Remitance on investment in small scale industry in Ethiopia Lifeline of the developing Nations
23rd – 24thJuly 2019
AUGUST .Website:
. ’African by Website’ Finalization & Launching

.Road show:
. Dubai/Abu Dhabi
. Global Shapers Annual Summit.
Geneva, Switzerland
19th Aug 2019

22nd – 24th Aug 2019
30th Aug — 1 September 2019 
SEPTEMBER . SMEs training
. E-commerce products integration & packaging advising Ethiopia
. Road show:
. London
. Industrial Revolution
. Cape Town, South Africa 
. Human Settlements Global Forun UN Addis Ababa
. France
. Luxembourg
. Germany
. Netherlands
. UN General Assembly New York – US
23rd– 25th September 2019

2nd September 2019
4th– 6th September 2019
5th – 6th September 2019
9th September 2019
10th September 2019
12th September 2019
15th September 2019
17th – 26th Septembre 2019
OCTOBER . African-By & FICA Diplomatic Launch:
. Day 1 : with international org. , NGOs;
. Day 2 : with embassies FICA Diplomatic launch, Addis Ababa
2nd – 3rdOctober 2019
. African-by’ launching event Addis-Ababa- Ethiopia
. Launching African Logistic Plate-Form Lomé-Togo

5th – & 6th Nov 2019
13th – 16thNovember 2019
25 November 2019

Dubai Expo 2020