Our Implementation strategy

Technology development

On technical and Architectural construction on E-payment

Fintech is Abidjan and Dakar, SYCAPAY is an African leader in mobile an credit card payments. Other subsidiaire will be created until 2020: Benin, Togo, Burkina, Mali, Cameroon

Our vision

We aim to build the most disruptive products to drive Africa in digital transition and financial inclusion

Our mission

  • To serve and assist African entrepreneurs in digital payments & remittances with our innovative products.
  • To accelerate the growth of e-commerce, m-commerce, m-banking, m-payment in the continent.

BEA advises on retail business culture, consumer expectations, Singapore regulations & licensing, market (retail / consumer) trends, market entry strategies, product analysis (packaging, labeling & pricing), other business services (IP, Trademark, legal, etc.)

Driven by a passion to INNOVATE, to CREATE & to ENHANCE (“I.C.E”), Business Engineers Asia (BEA) has grown from a small setup to establishing our own brand, a proud Singapore brand – NATURE’S. We are now positioned as strategic & supportive partners for foreign companies in their entry into Singapore for retailing & related businesses. In addition, we are currently positioning ourselves as a strategic & supportive partner for Singapore & foreign SMEs for retailing business into India as well.

With our focused & practical business approach, BEA’s Business Entry Program (B.E.P) – « Singapore Incubator » & upcoming « India Incubator » enables foreign & Singapore based SMEs to successfully gain insight knowledge & first hand, real life experiences in doing business in Singapore & India. We have formulated the perfect platform & business process for practical business expansion in the most cost effective & efficient manner.

Our Singapore brand, Nature’s (Family Care Products) has grown from strength to strength & it is the only brand that offers a complete range of herbal (natural), non-toxic & eco-friendly products catering to pest management, home care (hygiene) & even pet care as well. Currently, Nature’s “Green Services” is the only 100% natural pest management company offering pest control & disinfecting services that are completely herbal (natural), non-toxic & eco-friendly in Singapore.

Local regulatory framework

Compliance to remittance regulatory requirements of the country & specific requirement of FIs. Mainly the regulatory framework of the National Bank of Ethiopia in general and commercial requirements of partner banks will be analyzed and activities will be undertaken to ensure compliance. This assignment will mainly be undertaken by the local partner Elebat.

Compliance to e-commerce regulatory requirements of country & specific requirement of FIs. The pertinent regulatory framework associated with e-commerce will be articulated and activities that will ensure compliance will be undertaken by the local partner Elebat.

Local Accelerators

Elebat company which enables delivery of digital financial service, digital payment transactions, accelerate financial inclusion, create operational competencies of service providers & financial literacy by providing tailored and hands on business & operation solutions both for the urban as well as rural context and 3rd party commercial partners.