• The advantage of AFRICAN-BY Transfer is to reduce over 50% transaction fees less.
  • For Sender, no more need to go to a physical desk… No time to wait… No Number of Reference of transaction to be send to the receive, with AFRICAN-BY Transfer, Remittance sender can make his transaction any time with the guarantee that the transaction succeed.
  • For receiver, no more need to go to a physical office, No cash insecurity problem: Remittance beneficiary.
  • Receives directly on his/her mobile or debit prepaid card anywhere any time even in rural areas.
  • The following are the major transfer types contained in Africa-By international remittance


  • personal transfers in Bank CBE Bank Account
  • Mobile Money transfer
  • Credit card prepaid
  • Equity to be used for investment on SME’s projects
  • International cash donations or Bill payment
  • Deposit and service payments for Government and Administration
  • Temporary and permanent migrants transfer.